pre-alpha : August 8, 2018

August 8th, 2018

I uploaded the  pre-alpha prototype of this game I've been working on.

so far there isn't much. Its a basic FPS controller, you can attack with left and right click. The idea is that you're a wizard, and right now there are two types of spells: Punch, and Cast. Fist is the most basic spell. you can set up the two attack types to either left or right buttons by scrolling up on the mouse wheel to bring up the equip menu, and then scrolling down to save it. I'm going to add at least one more type of spell.

there are a few enemies but they don't do much yet. you can pres the ESC key to quit


[OLD] 17 MB
Aug 09, 2018

Get Magi Prota (pre-alpha 0.2)

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