Update - Version 0.02

I got a lot done in this update.

I fixed the input monitor for controller users. XBOX 360 controller is now fully supported. I also implemented some basic functionality which changes the HUD prompt to display information about which controller type the player is using. if the player is on mouse and keyboard, the prompt displays "[E]" for interacting with objects. if there is a controller plugged in, it switches to display "(A)" in the prompt.

I implemented a pause menu. The idea is to use the observer design pattern on a central input manager. the input manager collects a snapshot of the inputs each frame and distributes the snapshot to every observer in the inputMonitor's register. this way, if there is any object which needs to use inputs, all it has to do is register to the input monitor as an observer. when the user presses the pause button, the input monitor removes the player from the register and adds the menu. so this way, the inputs will be sent to the menu for interacting with menu items instead of the player.

I like this design because it makes it really easy to build new control subsystems in which the inputs control something besides the player.

I also fixed the issue where there gaps between rooms that the player could slip through, as well as some texturing issues on the door. it looks nicer now.

I also cleaned up the logic on the door manager to prevent multiple coroutines, but its still not perfect.


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Nov 29, 2019

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